WWII Era Harley Davidson
Flathead 45 WLA Motor
Original in Crate, Never Run
Original Replacement Motor
Diane Marie
Harley Davidson Flathead 45 WLA
Replacement Motor, Original in Crate
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World War II Era Harley Davidson Flathead 45 WLA that has never been run and its' present owner
of over 31 years has never removed it from its' original packing crate.  Some paperwork included, hard
to read with just the bare eye; but certainly can be done.  Still covered in its original cosmoline
Our research shows this to be an original WLA/WLC replacement part identified by its HD Part
Number HRD-1-40M which is the part number for a Complete Motor Assembly.  The US Army of
WWII identified each vehicle in its' inventory by a G preceded number and the WLA motorcycle was
issued G523 as marked on the crate.  Replacement motors such as this had no VIN on the provided
engine boss.  This original crate would have been (re)packed in the '50s (which can be seen on some
of the paperwork) and sent to an Air Force Unit then later sold as surplus.
The H-D Logo stamped bag included the two park plugs and the paperwork was tag tied to the motor.  
It has a Linkert M88 1 1/4 Mod M Carb and Harley Davidson Switch Relay Model 32E.  Other numbers
can be seen on the cases also.

Please feel free to call or email any questions and I will do my best to answer.